Better World Mortgage

Every dollar you spend can change the world.  Because buying a home is one's largest purchase, we at Better World Mortgage™ have created an easy, exciting and powerful way to make a big contribution to a cause about which you care!

Our website is designed to connect home buyers, home builders and refinancing home owners with local green and socially responsible mortgage brokers and loan originators who care deeply about making a positive difference in the world.

Because the mortgage professionals in our nation-wide network are passionate about making the world a better place, they promise to donate a 10% of their gross income as a gift to the charity of your choice - in your name - and you get the tax write off!

Everybody Wins!

At Better World Mortgage™, we believe in  Solutions where Everyone Wins!     You get a referral to a socially responsible mortgage broker who will help you find just the right loan for your home, you choose the charity that gets a generous donation, and then you get a nice tax write-off – all courtesy of your Better World Mortgage referred professional!

Our Motto:
          "Dream Big. . . .
                     Make a Difference. . . .
                                         Live Well !"

       Jonathan W. Logan, Founder & Social Entrepreneur

How to Use This Site:

We are full service and consumer service oriented – designed to help both consumers and charities.  Get Started Here:

       -  Complete a 2 minute ”Quickie Application" and earn a
           10% donation to your favorite charity.
       -  Find a Socially Responsible Mortgage Professional
       -  Refer a Charity you believe in to Our Program
       -  Apply to become a Better World Mortgage Broker

Helping Homeowners Nationwide

Our nation-wide referral network of seasoned, caring mortgage professionals will help you with whatever your home loan or home mortgage needs may be: new home loan, refinancing your home for a better rate, construction loans, adjustable rate mortgages, medical mortgages, reverse mortgages, and mortgages for professionals wishing to own a property rather than pay rent.  You name it, we can help!

Surf through our website, pick a charity you wish to receive the donation, fill out a Quickie Application, and we’ll help you find a Socially Responsible Mortgage Professional from the people who care at Better World Mortgage™.